• Reinsurance

      معرفی بیمه نامه

      Extra security and confidence with reinsurance

      Reinsurance is insurance provided for insurance companies.

      Insurance companies reduce their risks, including single or multiple policies, by transferring them to other insurers. Furthermore, by spreading risks, an individual insurance company can take on clients whose coverage would be too great of a burden for the single insurance company to handle alone.

      While the risks are evaluated properly, different types of reinsurance bring extra safety as well as technical income called as ‘Reinsurance Commission’ for the insurer.

      There are different types of reinsurance and since reinsurance companies have a rating system which illustrates their integrity, stability, and solvency, both parties (Insurer and Reinsurer) are required to meet an equal professional level for their contribution.

      Karafarin Insurance company as insurer has proudly cooperated with the high-profile companies of the reinsurance world such as Munich Re, Swiss Re, March, Allianz, Generali, etc. which corroborates the expertise level of this company.